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St Barth's goal is to focus on quality, not quantity. There are no races for the entire week, and this was planned from the beginning. St Barth is more than just sailing. It is a lifestyle. Sailing is a family affair, and sailors and their families spend time on the island. Les Voiles de StBarth, which is only eight years old and has been running for the past four years, is one of the top five regattas around the world.

What kind of sailing do your do?

We usually do a series of races known as the TP52 Super Series. This is the most competitive keelboat racing in the entire world. TP is an acronym for Trans Pac, and the boat was developed for the Trans Pacific Race from San Francisco up to Hawaii. 52 refers the the boat's length in feet. This year we have six events - Key West Miami Scarlino Sardinia Majorca replica watches I won't be able to race at all of them, but will still do four. Les Voiles de St Barth may not be part of the Super Series, but I will race there every year because Richard asked me to represent the event. We have a classic boat, Sorcha as well, for LesVoilesde St Tropez.

There is a good mixture of crew, from America's Cup and ex-Olympic medalists to amateur helms like me. It's hard to find another sport where you can say: "Today, I beat a guy that won gold in the last Olympics." That's notto say you don't have to be fit. I lost 30 kilos after a comment made by my navigator Campbell Field a few years back. The Super Series is a lot of fun but it's also very physical. I knew I had to get in shape if I was going to do well.breitling transocean replica We do offshore sailing, like the Fastnet. To sail non-stop, for three days, on just three hours of sleep is really hard work.

Can you find a crossover between watch and sailing technology?

Panerai Replica-like, the technology of a pure racing boat such as Sorcha is based on knowledge from the aerospace and Formula 1 industries. We make watches with TPT (formerly known as NTPT - North ThinPly Technology). It is used for watch cases, but comes from the highest level of carbon sail development. The anano-structure has a honeycomb center like the shells of F1 cars. It is incredibly light and strong. Everything on Sorcha must be as light as possible. For example, the ropes holding the mast can withstand pressures of up to seven tons - which is enough to lift four Rolls-Royces.