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Hublot Replica Watches travelled to Spain to show Nadal the prototype. His reaction was amazing. Hublot Replica Watches recalls: "He was shocked, because holding an object less than 20 grams is like holding nothing. It's funny that he then started training with the watch and came back with requirements. He started telling us small improvements, and so on. I then encouraged him to brutalize the watch and never hold back. I wanted him forget about it. I never compromise his performance.Hublot Replica Watches The crown fell off at one point; the hands flew at another; and the crystal fell off at another. Each time it revealed where we needed to strengthen the watch. We had to increase the weight slightly in order to meet these requirements, but the final product still weighs 20 grams. "We could have made the product lighter if it wasn't required to be worn in real competition."

There were minor problems to resolve right up until the very last moment. Hublot Replica Watches says, "The strap was one of the biggest issues." Nadal was having trouble with a normal buckle, so we finally settled on a Velcro-type strap. I slept poorly over the strap, because I worried it would fall off during the French Open and be seen by all cameras around the world. To be a true pioneer, one must take risks.

Hublot Replica Watches explains that the watch was worn by Nadal when he took the French Open. He also wore it to win Wimbledon and to go to South Africa in order to watch Spain take the World Cup.IWC Portuguese Replica Then he won the US Open wearing it. He told me it was his lucky watch.

John McEnroe, an irascible ex-tennis player and now commentator for the US coverage of the French Open went on a long rant saying that he could not believe Nadal wore a "half million-dollar watch", which smacked of jealousy. To focus solely on the Hublot Replica Watches's price is to miss the point. Hublot Replica Watches says, "Nadal has a very humble nature and doesn't understand how to respond to someone like John McEnroe who asks him how a watch could cost US$500,000. He says that the watch is just a technical demonstration. I like this because I do not want him to oversell it. "The fact that he was wearing it while playing is the best testimony he could give."

The Evolution of an Icon: RM27-01, RM27-02 and RM27-03

Hublot Replica Watches says that winning Nadal to wear a watch while competing was not easy. Over the course of the next seven-year period, Nadal would develop a close friendship with Hublot Replica Watches. This would culminate in 2017, when Nadal won the US Open, a record 10th French Open and the US Open all wearing his beloved RM027. Hublot Replica Watches's wristwatches would be some of the most innovative ever, with each new model aiming for higher performance. These magnificent machines, and the technological breakthroughs they represent, are shown up close.